New standards for crane safety

The new standard, ISO 23814: 2009, Cranes – Competency requirements for crane inspectors, focuses on the competency required of persons who carry out periodic and/or exceptional alteration and thorough inspections of cranes. This excludes the day-to-day inspection and checks performed by crane operators and maintenance personnel. The new standard addresses the following issues:Independence, impartiality and integrity, Technical knowledge and experience, Techniques for crane inspection, andTraining of crane inspectors.ISO says the objective of this new International Standard is to achieve a uniformly high competency of crane inspectors worldwide. In some countries, there may be additional regulatory requirements that must also be taken into account.The organisation said the progressive introduction of new International Standards and the regular review of existing ones would have a direct and positive effect on general safety by reducing potential hazards, as well as helping to remove technical barriers to the international trade in cranes.

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