New Maeda will pick and carry 2t

This has changed with the Maeda MC405 crane, released with a 3.83t capacity and 500kg pick and carry chart – the capacity that Paul Heeks of distributor PACE Cranes regarded as being necessary to attract the interest of the Australian market. With a height under hook of 20.7m when fitted with a 4.5m fly jib, the MC405 broke barriers in other ways.In January 2009 Maeda will release an even larger pick and carry crane to the market, the LC1385M-8B. It has 6-tonne capacity and 2t pick and carry capability. Combined with its 16.1m lift height (22m with a fly jib) the new crane has useful capabilities in some site pick and carry applications that may previously have been handled by tractor cranes.While the MC405 is a traditional remote-operated crane with fold-out outriggers, the LC1385M-8B has a mini excavator-style cab and a dozer blade. While the operating weight (15.64t) and dimensions of the crane would disqualify it from some of the work done by crawler cranes, its capacity and boom length opens up opportunities where a high-speed pick and carry crane may be overkill, and the age of tractor cranes could be a concern.While large for a mini crawler crane, the LC1385M-8B is compact compared to a tractor crane, and its slew and skid turn features provide useful access capabilities both on the ground and in the air.As a practical example, the crane could comfortably carry a 1.5t valve, and then place it at a radius of almost 8m, to a height of around 14m.

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