New Bomags roll in

The German-engineered unit supersedes the BW24RH model, which has been a fleet staple for 20 years, weighs 25 tonnes, and is suited to asphalt work and finishing, BT Equipment says. Due to its hydrostatic drive system, the roller requires less maintenance, has improved braking performance, is more fuel efficient, and has a smoother take off, the company said. “The service intervals for the brake maintenance are also prolonged with the hydrostatic driveline,” BT Equipment said. Powered by a Deutz 74Kw engine, the unit is also devoid of grease nipples, eliminating daily greasing and subsequently increasing productivity. The German-engineered roller focuses on increasing occupation health and safety, enabling service checks to be carried out from ground level. Both cabin sides have deep steps integrated into the frame providing stable alighting for operators. “The front frame catwalk protects the operator with safety rails, non-slip foot surface and broad entry and exit points.”Steering capabilities have been upgraded in the BW25RH, which features a two-point steering pivot on the front four tyres. “Contrary to a standard solid axle that would have all-four front tyres on a common beam, responding and turning simultaneously, the two-point system allows for sequenced steering,” BT Equipment said. “This means that when the operator turns the steering wheel, the inside and outside tyre-pairs turn at a different rate, allowing for smooth steering transitions and uniform compaction free of creases.”

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