New ally to fight North American construction equipment theft

FleetFIND says its security system allows the owners of backhoes, bulldozers, cranes and other equipment to locate their equipment on any street in North America and to disable the starter if the use of the equipment is unauthorised.“Equipment theft results in higher insurance premiums, downtime and the inability to meet deadlines,” FleetFIND managing director Jonathan Persaud said.The company said the system was recently used to retrieve a trailer-mounted generator.FleetFIND said the incident happened on a Sunday evening, when the owner of the device received an alert on his mobile phone indicating that the generator was moving. He telephoned his partner to see if he was using the equipment.When his partner said no, the owner called the police to report the situation. He explained that he was using FleetFIND technology to track the device via the internet.The police dispatched cars to the location where the equipment had come to a stop and the thieves were apprehended in the act.

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