Mitsubishi plant equipment up for grabs

According to auctioneer GraysOnline, more than 3000 pieces of plant and equipment will go under the hammer over the next few months, including 13 metal stamping lines, five blanking press lines, three hemming presses, seven automatic robotic welding cells and a large quantity of 2004 Kawasaki robots.Other assets include plastics paint shop equipment, overhead belt and roller conveyor systems, motors, valves and scrap metal.The sale is set to take place between now and March 25 for the various groups of different equipment types.GraysOnline chief executive Cameron Poolman told the online news service Manufacturer’s Monthly the sale is one of the larger auctions he has been involved with.“This project is the largest industrial sale ever managed by GraysOnline with one asset alone, the press line, expecting to realise several million dollars,” he said. Of the 3000 assets up for bids, the most significant 10% will be sold via negotiated sale from now until February 13 and online auctions for the rest of the assets start on February 5.

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