Magnetic scrap drums revolutionise MSW processing

Eriez, a pioneer in magnetic separation technology, is dedicated to developing solutions that address daunting challenges in metals recycling and recovery. Amid its product lineup, the Eriez magnetic scrap drums can isolate ferrous metals from municipal solid waste (MSW).

Eriez offers a versatile array, including both permanent and electromagnetic scrap drums. These drums are engineered with deep magnetic fields for the efficient recovery of ferrous materials across various high-capacity scenarios, including but not limited to MSW processing.

Designed especially for environments with limited or unstable electrical access, these permanent drums feature agitating magnetic poles, generating a magnetic field capable of extracting ferrous metals from distances of up to 15 inches (380 mm).

The electromagnetic agitating-type drums employ a deep-field rectangular core pickup magnet to capture ferrous metals while effectively cleaning the ferrous metals as the metal rotates around the magnetic drum, releasing non-magnetic particles along the way.

Additionally, Eriez also offers a non-agitating transfer design, employing a deep-field radial pickup magnet and strategically positioned pole shoes to transport ferrous metals around the drum shell and into the discharge area.

These are available in both electro and permanent magnetic designs and are best suited in applications where a lesser amount of magnetic material is present.

These magnetic scrap drums can be placed either above or beneath a feed conveyor.

As the material is introduced, the scrap drum magnet captures the ferrous metals, securing them against the rotating drum shell at a level higher than the feed point.

This enables non-magnetic materials to flow through the discharge area without interference.

Through the process of magnetic separation, the scrap drums recover ferrous metals, producing a product for resale while releasing non-magnetic materials and ensuring a clean magnetic fraction.

This is accomplished while requiring minimal maintenance due to the utilisation of a thick manganese shell and heavy-duty bearings, which make it suitable for the environment and ensure long service life.

For more challenging materials, such as copper wound armatures comprising of copper windings encased in a steel shell, a bottom-fed scrap drum is suitable for lifting iron pieces from the feed stream.

The large, symmetrical surface of these materials impedes a magnet from acting upon a specific point of contact. The Eriez P-Rex scrap drum can magnetically separate and capture these copper armatures during scrap metal processing.

Engineered for maximum metal recovery, it features a high-power Neodymium magnet with a 40 per cent wider pickup zone than what other scrap drums can attain, ensuring the highest ferrous metal recovery.

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