Loader attachment wins New Inventors

The Drainblade attachment fits onto the loader’s scoop mechanism, and enables the machine to perform the scraping and scooping tasks associated with clearing roadside drains, rather than having to use a loader and a grader.The inventors, David and Wally Challen, said the blade – like a small grader blade – is attached to an articulated arm which extends out to the side of the loader and can be dexterously manipulated to scrape the leaves into small piles. They said on the show that once the leaves and other debris had been scraped together, the blade could be retracted behind the front-end loader scoop, which could then be used for picking up the piles. David said he devised the system while he was clearing roadside drains in northeastern Victoria using a conventional loader during the fires in that area in December 2006 and January 2007. The ABC said the prototype Drainblade had been attached to David’s machine and in regular use for the last 12 months.In the Drainblade section on the New Inventors website, the ABC said the hydraulic action of the attachment is controlled electrically from the cab of the loader using modifications to the front-end loader controls.The controls are the same as for the standard front-end loader, but they have been modified so that some buttons have additional functions and some are used in combination to steer the blade.

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