Lloyd rejects bias claims

Lloyd said recent comments from the Australian Council of Trade Unions and Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union that the ABCC persecutes workers were wrong.Lloyd said statistics showed workers are rarely named in ABCC cases.“Only eight per cent of court cases commenced by the ABCC involve workers as respondents,” he said. “The remainder are against unions, union officials and contractors.“The claims about ABCC activities are inaccurate and misrepresent the high-quality work undertaken by inspectors, often in challenging and confronting circumstances.”Lloyd said the laws enforced by the ABCC protected the rights of workers in building and construction workplaces.“The ABCC will continue to investigate complaints without fear or favour. Victims of unlawful conduct have the right to expect the ABCC to thoroughly investigate and prosecute when necessary,” he said.“A significant number of ABCC investigations and cases are concerned with protecting the rights of the industry’s workers. “In discharging its responsibilities the ABCC will take action against those who break the law. This on occasions may involve workers who have contravened the law.”Lloyd concluded that 90% of the ABCC’s prosecutions were successful.

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