Little Genie works wonders

“We’ve bought a lot of small machines, and I’m trying to get myself into places outside the construction business,” McKinley said. “My plan is to create myself a little niche market in certain machine models – trying to find and cater to the people who don’t have these specialist machines.”Genie’s new GS-3232 scissor lift fitted with McKinley’s plan. The dual front-wheel drive machine fits through a standard doorway, folds down to 2.03m high, and has a zero inside turning radius.Other features include an automatic hydraulic outrigger system that can level the machine on sloped surfaces of up to five degrees, and a laser locater that helps operators position the unit before ascending to working height.”We had a requirement for a job in town … an indoor location in the Myers building,” McKinley said. “They’re doing a refurbishment job and the floor is quite undulating. The GS-3232 was light enough to [use] on the tiles on the mezzanine floor and in certain spots we needed to have the outriggers level the machine so the machine could go up in the air.”It was the only machine that could do the job for us, without getting an electric track machine in there – and that’s going to take up a big footprint.A nice, small, compact width allowed it to get between the aisles while all their displays are still in place, so they don’t have to move a lot of stock around.”The GS-3232 can lift up to 227kg to its maximum working height.Genie Scissor Lift product manager Eric Ludwig said Genie had seen a need for a machine that could lift at least 9.75m and fit through a doorway.”There currently isn’t another scissor that is capable of this level of access in Australia,” he said.The GS-3232 has a travel speed of 3.5kph and can handle a 25% grade. Four-wheel braking is standard, as is Genie’s electronic control system with Hall effect joystick.

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