Light as a crane

The Spitzlift Lightweight Portable Crane can be used in multiple situations by installing additional mounting points on other vehicles and worksites, and sharing the crane around a common construction area. Various attachments are available for the crane to be used on table-top utes, style-sided utes, vans, trailers, boats, workshops and even scaffolding.When the crane is not in use, it can be conveniently packed away into a carry bag, and with a storage weight of only 15kg, stored in the rear of a vehicle keeping tray and floor space completely clear.Spitzlifts are available in manual or 12-volt DC versions with additional mounting hardware and installation instructions. The 12V DC includes a quick connect wiring harness. Choices in mast and boom lengths will suit tight access situations such as vans and enclosed service bodies, as well as higher models for floor cranes. Healy Group is an Australian-owned company that manufactures and distributes equipment that is easy to use, cost-effective, low maintenance and efficient for operators working alone or in teams.

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