EPA get budget money to chase illegal dumpers

The Victorian state government will boost the metropolitan industrial and municipal waste levy to $167.9 a tonne from 1 July 2025, up from the current $129.27. The levy will also be proportionally increased at rural landfills, which are lower than metropolitan areas. The Environment Protection Authority was allocated $44 million to crack down on illegal dumpers and other waste crimes.

The increase was one of several measures in the Victorian State Budget, handed down by Treasurer Tim Pallas, aimed at protecting the environment.

A further $15 million was invested to progress the state’s circular economy targets and support Recycling Victoria to boost recycling and help households cut down waste while $7.5 million is provided to continue the waste levy rebate grant program for charitable recyclers – helping to address the impact of illegal dumping at donation sites and ensuring it’s not a cost that charities have to wear.

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Gayle Sloan, WMRR Chief Executive Officer, said the levy harmonisation is a positive step forward for the waste and resource recovery (WARR) industry by putting a clear price on valuable material that should be recovered where it is generated – not moved around states.

“This waste levy move sends a clear signal to our industry that Victoria is open for WARR investment. The current levy rate is completely out of step with its neighbouring states and once it aligns next year, it must continue to do so,” Sloan said.

She aid she would like to see all major states co-operate going forward to harmonise levy rates along the east coast in order to increase material diverted away from landfill.

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