Labour shortage to continue: consultant

Perth-based firm Pit Crew said that based on a predictive database model it has developed, demand for labour will experience some “dips and bumps”, but will remain high overall. The firm said companies and service providers needed to understand where these dips and bumps in demand for labour will occur so they can better plan and manage their current and future projects.Pit Crew managing director Peter Dyball said the industry reports produced by its predictive database should be an important tool for any company affected by the construction and engineering labour markets in Australia. “In addition to this we also have the capability to run client-specific scenarios in our database model to suit a company’s specific strategic circumstances,” Dyball said. On November 25, Pit Crew will launch The Pit Crew Report – Queensland, part of a series of specialist industry reports which analyse and forecast the demand for construction and engineering labour resources in Queensland, WA and the Northern Territory.

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