Kubota launches U17-3 excavator

The U17 has improved pump capacity, an extended dozer arm, and several other upgrades aimed at enhancing productivity and efficiency, Kubota said. According to the manufacturer, the U17 is a more powerful version of Kubota’s smallest zero-tail machine. “The zero-tail swing feature means that the operator will never again need to worry about what is to the side or behind while at work,” Kubota said. “No matter how far the U17 turns, the tail remains within the width of the tracks.” Meanwhile, the 13hp engine in the U15 has been upgraded to 17hp in the U17. “In addition to its superior horsepower and performance, it also offers low noise and vibration levels, exceptional fuel efficiency, and complies with the EPA’s 2008 tier-four emissions regulations,” Kubota said. “The hydraulic pump capacity has been increased to 45 litres per minute, offering the boost of versatility needed to take on a wide variety of jobs.” The new excavator has a 10% traction increase due to an enhanced travel motor. It also features a 1550kg breakout force for powering heavy loads and tougher excavating tasks. Kubota added that the U17 was designed to facilitate maintenance. “The under-deck hydraulics can be accessed quickly and easily for routine maintenance; there are no bolts to unscrew – just lift the rubber mat and open the floor plate,” the company said.

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