Konecranes unveils audit service to Aussie market

The survey helps Australian crane owners ensure adherence to Australian Standard AS 2550.3.“We can offer a comprehensive and dependable CRS process to ensure your cranes meet and exceed the required performance and safety levels,” Konecranes national sales manager Bill Shukla said.The survey can be used to audit all makes and models of overhead lifting equipment, he said.According to the company, the CRS provides crane owners with a comprehensive analysis and report, providing a basis for making decisions about the use and maintenance of equipment.“Every crane and situation is different, so each CRS is customised to address the specific concerns and needs of particular industries and particular companies,” Shukla said.“CRS presents the best possible return on capital investment, with better predictability and control over the total cost of ownership.”The audit supplies owners with information on specific repairs and upgrades that may be needed, giving them a long-term maintenance plan.“With this plan, owners can prevent a loss in production revenue by avoiding the unpleasant surprise of a sudden breakdown and the unexpected expense for repairs or replacement of equipment,” Shukla said.“Using this roadmap as a guide, owners can plan future maintenance actions with appropriate timing and scope to ensure compliance to AS 2550.3 Section 7, Continued Safe Use.”

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