Kiwis like new Cat

Owner Allan Dippie cited low downtime, a 6000-hour warranty and comprehensive support from Cat distributor Goughs as key reasons behind the new purchase.Dippie said the 13.5t 312DL was a great utility machine that could perform a wide range of tasks especially. “We’re able to get the unit into sites where larger excavators cannot operate, plus this size machine is easier to transport,” he said.Operator Nick Woolley has been rapt about the 312DL’s performance improvement over the older C-Series unit. “Its performance has absolutely blown me away,” he said. “It has an improved smoother performance in the hydraulics and it climbs like nothing else. As a finishing machine it’s perfect and performing final trim is brilliant.“I’ve been on the 312DL for three months now and in that time its fuel economy has been outstanding. We’ve compared the 312CL and the 312DL working hard out in the same application and there was no contest. The new D-Series is significantly more fuel-efficient as well as being more productive.”

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