Jackjaw intelligence

The four Jackjaws are designed for concreters and earthmoving businesses, farmers and fencing contractors, electric power supply authorities and a new option for marquees and tent structures. “We have a removal solution for all types of steel star pickets, spikes, larger sized retaining pegs and now timber pickets,” Davis said.Davis said using a Jackjaw reduces the time spent getting a stubborn peg, stake or picket free of the ground, avoiding back sprains or injuries, and also saves money as removed pickets are re-useable.“After our first model was released a major power supply authority came to us wanting a version which would safely pull their earthing spikes out when they were no longer needed, so we developed a model solution for them,” he said. “Then a major hire company wanted a version which would pull out the heavyweight steel pegs they used to restrain their tents and structures in place, so we developed an option for them which simply drops over the head of the steel pegs they use.”Now a variation helps surveyors, exploration and mining companies recover timber survey stakes once they are no longer needed.The Jackjaw design is also licensed to a manufacturer in the United States which concentrates on the concrete and construction industry.“The demand for them is growing substantially and we can arrange to ship one anywhere,” Davis said.All four models are manufactured from laser cut steel components, with three of the models powder coated. The model for the hire sector has a galvanised steel finish.

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