Industry collaboration sought on skills during downturn

SkillsDMC said organisations needed to develop the skills within their current workforce and replenish the industry’s skills pool.“The resources and civil infrastructure sectors have reached a crucial point,” said SkillsDMC chief executive Des Caulfield. “Current economic conditions emphasise the importance of getting the most out of your people. “Now, more than ever, enterprises need to focus on planning and developing their future workforce to improve productivity, efficiency and enhance overall business performance.” SkillsDMC has backed the Australian government’s $2 billion Productivity Places Program. The program provides funding for training places in skills which employers identify as being in demand and important to Australia’s future economic growth. “For the Productivity Places Program to be a successful and revolutionary training initiative, it needs to be truly industry demand driven,” Caulfield said. “Without a clear picture of the current workforce and skills gaps, it is hard for governments to identify the most critical areas and prioritise the delivery of training places. “Organisations, governments, registered training organisations and industry skills councils (such as SkillsDMC) need to have a clear and accurate picture of the skills in demand and deliver directly to that demand to fill the skills gaps and keep the sectors booming.”

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