Industrial development for WA’s south

The creation of 10 lots, ranging from five to 20 hectares, is expected to meet demand for the next 5-10 years for land for smaller-type heavy industry in the state’s South West. WA Lands Minister Brendon Grylls said while the state had largely been shielded from turbulent economic conditions, it needed to be prepared for the coming upswing in demand for industrial land.“The KIP is part of the state government’s long-term strategy to expand downstream processing of natural resources in the South West and stimulate local jobs and business opportunities,” he said. Located 17 kilometres from Bunbury, KIP was established in 1985 to cater for the future needs of the heavy industry sector and comprises a 2110ha industrial core, a 293ha support industry area, and a 5140ha buffer area. The new subdivision, which is being developed by LandCorp, includes two conservation lots of natural bushland and trees.Grylls said the expansion has been subject to extensive studies over the past 20 years, and its ongoing development required careful planning guided by a strategy plan which was finalised this year after community consultation.Subdivision earthworks are expected to begin in 2010 with lots available for development in 2011.

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