Tyre recycler plugs into dual technologies

A new venture formed from Energy Estate and InfraCo to develop and build tyre recycling plants in Australia and New Zealand will use the two technologies of Vertech/RubberJet Valley tyre disintegration and Tyromer rubber devulcanisation. However, the Australian Tyre Recycling Association (ATRA) is doubtful of the efficacy of the business model.

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Tackling textile waste

Australians send an average 23kgs of textiles to landfill per person, each year, according to figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). More than 500,000 tonnes (or 88 per cent) of leather and textiles were sent to landfill in 2009-10 as these waste types are considered to be too costly or difficult to recover. Read more

Where to with food waste?

There is undoubtedly a connection between the recent catastrophic fire season and increasing global warming leading to climate change.
And we might feel powerless as individuals to do anything about it. But one thing we can do as individuals, households, local councils, state governments and federal governments is address food waste in landfill. Why and how does this relate to climate change?

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