Waste and resource recovery open house event

The next 12 months will feature a number of key programs, reviews and initiatives that will impact the waste and resource recovery landscape in Queensland. To support its members and provide stakeholders with an opportunity to engage in two way conversations with the Department and other stakeholders the  WRIQ has coordinated three online sessions for its members, the first of which is: Read more

Turning residual plastic into fuel and nanomaterials

No matter how many times you try and recycle plastic, one day it will reach end of life. As a waste stream it is problematic – landfills don’t want it, while environmentalists believe burning it when it is in is residual state, no matter how ‘clean’ the technology, is unacceptable. Those who champion zero waste would rather researchers, and those that produce plastic, work on ways of making it more biodegradable, or give it properties that greatly reduce its end-of-life impact on the environment.

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Close The Loop lists on the ASX

Close the Loop, an end-to-end solutions provider from design and manufacturing, through to collection and recycling of products, has announced that trading of its shares on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has commenced, under the code ‘CLG’ following the completion of an initial public offering (IPO). Read more

The screening specialists: Davis Earthmoving

Davis Earthmoving & Quarrying is a mobile processing company offering sustainable outcomes for waste management. The company’s focus is to economically and efficiently repurpose materials through the use of its specialised recycling equipment. With over 45 years industry experience and a variety of mobile screening plant on offer, Davis Earthmoving are screening specialists operating state-wide in New South Wales.

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