Kwinana WtE update: tech provider picked; construction to commence

Speaking to Inside Waste about what will be Australia’s first WtE plant, Phoenix Energy managing director Peter Dyson said the construction timeline has been set for 36 months and he is confident that all will go smoothly.

“At this stage, the contractors do not have any concerns about orders as they have sorted out the main ticket items,” Dyson said.

The plant is expected to be completed in 2021 and Dyson noted that commissioning will begin six months ahead of that in 2020.

For now, Phoenix Energy is signing off on all relevant construction and financing contracts, which will have to be completed by the end of March. Read more

App nation – powering waste diversion

Inside Waste spoke to the people behind four waste apps accessible Australia-wide to hear about their progress and plans for 2018.


It was a Facebook experiment that led to the creation of ShareWaste, a website and app which connects those who don’t have the time, space or composting know-how, with those that have backyard chickens, worm farms, or compost and bokashi bins – plus room for more waste. Read more

How can WA get way ahead?

The WA Waste Strategy is under review and the Waste Authority released its Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy consultation paper in October, inviting feedback and submissions until March 1, 2018. Therefore, this is a timely opportunity to outline the actions, that in my humble opinion, I consider are needed and see if the Waste Authority agrees.

In 2007, WA’s recycling rate was 23% and lagged behind SA, Victoria, NSW and Queensland. By 2016, the WA recycling rate had increased to 49% and while still at the back of the pack, the gap has narrowed considerably. Therefore, WA has made some good gains however, achieving a rate of 50% is ‘easy’, while 50%-65% is tricky and then every extra percentage point after that requires considerable thought and effort. Read more

Perth WtE facility one step closer

Perth WtE facility one step closer

The proposed project at the East Rockingham site will use HZI’s proprietary moving grate combustion technology which has been installed in more than 500 projects worldwide.

New Energy business development manager, Miles Mason, told Inside Waste the joint venture with HZI, formed in October last year, was a logical step after its own gasification technology didn’t meet council requirements. Read more

Managing fly ash from EfW plants

Managing fly ash from EfW plants

Speaking at the Waste Management Association of Australia’s national energy from waste conference in October last year, Reece detailed how geological repositories could be used to manage fly ash and pointed to a rock salt mine in Winsford in England’s north west as a positive example.

Tellus is also in the process of developing two repositories in Australia, one in WA and the other in the NT for the long-term containment of hazardous waste. Read more

Tracking EMRC's WtE journey

Tracking EMRC’s WtE journey

However, EMRC’s director of waste services Stephen Fitzpatrick hopes that the lessons learnt in the process might help others who have the same aspirations to enter the wood waste to energy space.

Fitzpatrick fronted a crowd of delegates in Sydney at the WMAA Energy from Waste national conference in October 2016, speaking about the technological and regulatory considerations EMRC had to go through during the development of the Hazelmere plant.

In March, the plant received environmental approval from the WA EPA. Read more