$5m round for Regional Growth Fund now open

The opening of South Australia’s third funding round of the Regional Growth Fund has been brought forward in a move designed to provide economic stimulus to the state’s regions impacted by bushfires, drought and ongoing impacts of coronavirus.

Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development Tim Whetstone said that the current round for projects will strengthen regional economies and provide tangible social benefits to local communities. The last round of funding unlocked $14.6 million investment across 10 projects, which are expected to create 160 jobs.

Whetstone added that by bringing forward applications for the Regional Growth Fund the state government’s $350 million stimulus package aimed at safeguarding the economy and protecting jobs will be supported.

“The Marshall Government recognises that supporting our regions is crucial to the future prosperity of our state,” Whetstone said.

“The Regional Growth Fund helps unlock new economic activity in our regions and by bringing applications forward we will help fast-track the recovery of our regional economies, which have been hurting as a result of the recent bushfires, drought and the ongoing impacts of coronavirus.”

10 year commitment

The Regional Growth Fund is a 10-year commitment offering $15 million in grants annually to support projects that will deliver tangible benefits to regional South Australia and most importantly creates jobs.

“Successful projects will be those that not only strengthen the economies of our regions, but also provide real community-wide benefits to the area. The first two rounds of funding are supporting projects that are creating stronger and more resilient regions.

“Thanks to the 2019-20 round of funding, our regional areas will enjoy a wider variety of food and drink experiences, better water and cycling infrastructure, and diverse tourism opportunities, so I’m again looking forward to seeing the range of projects that will make a positive difference in our regional towns and communities.

“I encourage eligible applicants who have a project they feel can strengthen our regional communities to apply.”

Grants up to $2 million

Applicants in the third round can seek grants from $50,000 up to $2 million, with projects to be located within South Australia that offer outcomes and benefits for regional South Australia.

Projects should foster collaboration and demonstrate a commitment to local employment, and purchase local supplies wherever possible. Applications to the Regional Growth Fund will be accepted from local government bodies, incorporated associations and business clusters.

Applications for Round Three of the Regional Growth Fund close at 12pm on Monday May 11, 2020. More information is available at www.pir.sa.gov.au/regionalgrowthfund

KESAB CEO leaves environment educator after three decades

South Australia will farewell a waste industry and environmental champion when KESAB environmental solutions CEO, John Phillips retires in July after 31 years’ service.

KESAB chair, Ros DeGaris told Inside Waste that the future CEO would continue to grow KESAB’s role as SA’s leading non-government environmental sustainability educator.

She described John’s service to KESAB as exceptional and personal, that brought about massive growth to the organisation in capacity and value to the state and the nation.

“The work ethic of John Phillips has been truly outstanding across three decades of change and challenge that has enabled KESAB to be flexible, proactive and creative in delivering education programs to reach a wider community here and overseas,” she said.

“KESAB now works and delivers education on the global stage due to John’s excellent management skills and personable natural style.

“With a track record like this, it is imperative that a highly suitable, proactive and well-connected successor is secured. The total remuneration package will be dependent upon the skills, knowledge and experience of the preferred applicant who will start sometime in June.”

Speaking last year on the challenges ahead, Phillips said that KESAB believed that environmental sustainability action in response to all that is happening around us will require a hybrid mix of measures.

“These include measurable community behavioural change, continuing to build community resilience and capacity, sometimes with yet to be tried and tested strategies and actions, the likelihood of increased regulation and legislation to strengthen objectives meeting required outcomes and most importantly, a more urgent approach.”

“Outcomes achieved in the past year demonstrate that environmental sustainability education and engagement are increasingly becoming embedded in our everyday lifestyle, recreational and workplace action and behaviour. Such education is fundamental as the world around us transforms and embraces the circular economy”.

KESAB’s role to grow

Meanwhile, DeGaris said the future CEO would continue to grow KESAB’s role as SA’s leading non-government environmental sustainability educator.

“KESAB’s initiatives will focus on capacity building, professional development and training, underpinned by research and waste auditing which in turn, provide a platform to identify new opportunities to target problematic waste streams.

“The combination of our service agreements with Green Industries SA and Adelaide Mount Lofty Ranges NRM and corporate partnerships such as those with Sims Metal Management and SA Water underpin new education materials and resources that allow KESAB to extend the reach and scope of its service,” DeGaris said.

She added that KESAB is increasingly in demand by business and industry to deliver waste and recycling auditing through its trained waste audit specialists to better understand waste streams and opportunities to identify new recycling and implement food waste to resources initiatives.