Tyre recycler plugs into dual technologies

A new venture formed from Energy Estate and InfraCo to develop and build tyre recycling plants in Australia and New Zealand will use the two technologies of Vertech/RubberJet Valley tyre disintegration and Tyromer rubber devulcanisation. However, the Australian Tyre Recycling Association (ATRA) is doubtful of the efficacy of the business model.

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Incineration in Asia - a viable solution?

Incineration in Asia – a viable solution?

According to the World Bank, municipal solid waste (MSW) generation is going to double by 2025, keeping in mind that OECD countries are still producing the majority of that waste. In Asia, the current average waste generation is approximately 0.9kg/capita/day and is set to increase to 1.5kg/capita/day as the economy develops. The current waste production in Asia stands approximately at 738,000 tons/day and will increase to 1,865,000 tons/day in 2025. The waste disposal in this region will be one of the major challenges in the years to come. Read more

Is a waste collection ship the solution to Pacific's waste issues?

Is a waste collection ship the solution to Pacific’s waste issues?

However, the island nations’ small populations across a wide geographical divide throughout the Pacific Ocean presents particularly unique challenges. In this context, what is the most appropriate waste management infrastructure? Where should it be located? And where should the waste’s final destination be?

These are the questions the Pacific Regional Infrastructure Facility (PRIF) has been grappling with and has engaged consultant Anne Prince to investigate. Read more