RecycleSmart tackles recycling dilemma

Let’s start with some statistics. Over 20 per cent of what goes into the red bin could have been recycled, and 75 per cent of waste that should be recycled ends up in landfill. It’s no doubt that the time is now to make a serious change. That is exactly what Giorgio Baracchi and Marco Prayer Galletti set out to do when they launched RecycleSmart in 2019.    

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Harry Wilson – so much more to do in waste sector

Harry Wilson is the accidental waste expert. When he first started in the waste industry more than 50 years ago, it wasn’t by design. He was an accountant. A number cruncher. Somebody who knew the different sides of an accounting ledger, not the differences between PVC, PET and HDPE.  Fast forward 50-plus years and Wilson …

Care and time needed when building WtE plant

Getting a modular gasification waste-to-energy (WtE) plant up and running is no easy task. Designed to process residual municipal solid waste, as well as commercial and industrial waste, such a plant takes a lot of time to get up and running. Did we mention time?

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Queensland looks to revamp landfill levies

Queensland has taken a lot of criticism from various stakeholders due to its landfill levy system. When Campbell Newman was premier he scrapped landfill levies as part of his election promise. However, when Annastacia Palaszczuk was sworn in as premier she decided to reinstate the levy. This did little to appease critics who said they did little to dissuade people to divert waste from landfills.

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The troublesome waste stream that is soft plastics

Soft plastics are the bane of the waste industry. Hard to collect, a noxious and hazardous substance to the environment, and an item that can take up a lot of time in Material Recovery Facilities when being recycled. Like politics and religion, everybody has an opinion on what should be done about them. But industry sectors …

Tobacco industry finds it hard to engage due to restrictions

Over two days in April the Litter Congress covered several seminars on litter and its legacy on our land, inner waterways and surrounding oceans. We look at some of the highlights and work being done by many organisations to lessen litter’s impact in Australia. Cigarette buttsLara Barclay is the managing director of Adaptation Environmental Support. …