Circular business models offer multiple process opportunities for businesses

The principles and thinking behind a circular economy are not new. Academics have spoken about the merits of a circular economy since the 1990s. Companies, big and small, practice its principles and now Australian government bodies are actively exploring policies aligned to a circular economy. So how does a circular economy fit into waste management. …

Commercial organics recycling – success is a long way away

When people think of recycling, the first thing that usually comes to mind is commingled recycling. And more often that not, it is the one happening at the household level, at the kerbside. However, organics recycling, both at the household and commercial level, represent a significant opportunity for resource recovery. Moreover, Food and Garden Organics …

NSW return and earn has doubled container recycling in the state, according to ACOR

Contrary to recent comments to the ABC that, “.. the bulk of the containers that are going into the (NSW) container deposit scheme are containers that would have ordinarily been recycled anyway,” in fact the NSW return and earn scheme has already more than doubled container recycling in the state, according to the Australian Council …

In 2019, being authentic, responsible and transparent will unlock new revenues for process manufacturers

Colin Elkins from global enterprise application company IFS has gazed into his crystal ball for the process manufacturing industry and made some bold predictions for 2019. Near Field Communication and e-Labels will drive a new revolution in product information. The war on plastics will escalate to unprecedented levels. Retailers will demand that manufacturers join more …

NSW EPA’s precipitous action jeopardises future resource recovery investments

On October 26, the NSW EPA released the Mixed Waste Organic Material (MWOO) – Regulatory Change, withdrawing the Resource Recovery Order and Exemption to end the application of processed organic material derived from residual municipal waste to land. The order and exemption were revoked with 24 hours’ notice and with immediate effect, despite the use …
Why Coles' plastic bag backflip leaves us worse off than before

Why Coles’ plastic bag backflip leaves us worse off than before

This unprecedented move is in response to strong backlash by customers who are struggling to switch to reusable bags.

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We know that offering free lightweight plastic bags causes excessive plastic use. We also know that banning lightweight bags can increase the use of heavier plastic bags (such as bin liners). Coles’ decision brings out the worst of both worlds: giving out heavier plastic bags for free. Read more