Quiz that rep, says Other

Are all systems equally compatible with all original equipment manufacturers?You will find that the largest grade control manufacturers’ [systems] will all perform adequately on the major-brand machines, although differences will persist. Read more

Leighton maintains 15% profit forecast

The construction giant said its work in hand had grown to $35.3 billion as at September 30, 2008, and since then the group had won around $2.4 billion worth of work. However, Leighton chairman David Mortimer said the company’s results for the first quarter of fiscal 2009 had been negatively impacted by the deterioration in asset values. Read more


According to ACCC chairman Graeme Samuel, the report shows that the Australian community has benefited from reforms that commenced a decade ago.“During this time, demand for stevedoring services has doubled,” he said.“The cost of using stevedoring services has fallen in real terms. Read more

Hitachi strengthens its hand

Kawasaki says it will spin off its wheel loader division around April next year. The new company will initially be a wholly owned Kawasaki subsidiary but Hitachi will buy a 34% stake before the end of 2009. Read more

Screw it, let’s do it

Speaking to Inside Waste after winning the Waste Management Association of Australia Innovation Award for automation at the facility at the 2017 Australian Landfill and Transfer Stations conference in March, Council’s manager – waste services, Troy Uren, said the decision to build the facility wasn’t based on a desire to be innovative. Instead, they were focused on their customers and how to better deliver services to the community as well as the operational aspects of running a facility.

Tapping into more than 20 years of waste management operations experience, including as a consultant who saw many mistakes made across the country, Uren decided that Council needed to bite the bullet and build a facility that avoided the mistakes made in the past. A key factor was to focus on the operational issues, rather than only focusing on engineering issues when designing a site, and construct a transfer station that could remain standing and efficient for decades to come. Read more