Getting smarter with $10 million CRC-P grants

For an industry hungry for solutions to accelerate the journey to recycling sustainability, $10 million funding for inventive ideas for recycling and reuse of plastics, paper, glass and tyres will satisfy, somewhat. The funding launched today, by minister for Industry, Science and Technology Karen Andrews lies in the latest round of the Cooperative Research Centres …

How Sustainability Victoria is tackling priority recycled waste

Victorian infrastructure projects which use recycled materials and create local jobs are being boosted by $2.6 million Sustainable Infrastructure Fund grants. Local Victorian governments are expected to spend more than $8 billion on infrastructure projects over the next three years, presenting a significant opportunity to increase their use of recycled materials.

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Record numbers attain PVC Program compliance

A new record of 23 companies have demonstrated full compliance with sustainability objectives applicable to their businesses in 2019 under the Australian PVC Stewardship Program, operated by the Vinyl Council of Australia (VCA). VCA chief executive, Sophi MacMillan said that almost 9 out of 10 reporting signatories achieved at least Silver status (>80 per cent …

Plastic Wars grabs industry attention

As the WARR industry works diligently to address the unrelenting challenge of plastic waste in Australia, Monday’s night’s ABC Four Corners program, Plastic Wars reiterated questions around the efficacy of the recycling model. Although it focused on the problem in the US, the program raised the spectre of the downward economic pressure that keeps companies sourcing …