Circular business models offer multiple process opportunities for businesses

The principles and thinking behind a circular economy are not new. Academics have spoken about the merits of a circular economy since the 1990s. Companies, big and small, practice its principles and now Australian government bodies are actively exploring policies aligned to a circular economy. So how does a circular economy fit into waste management.

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Fostering a collaborative network for industry’s young professionals

From working in the field supervising commercial bush regeneration projects, to authoring reports tackling strategic responses to rapid urban densification and the China National Sword, Genevieve Daneel, environmental consultant at Jacobs, has already gained a diverse wealth of experience and knowledge in her professional career, despite only having a bit over four years of experience in the resource recovery, renewable energy and planning sectors.

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China Sword Policy “irreversible, yet positive”, ABC’s Gardening Australia host says

ABC’s Gardening Australia host, Costa Georgiadis, summed up the challenges in the waste industry as an “incredible 12 months”, due in part to the enforcement of the China National Sword Policy.

With more than a decade as a waste and environment advocate in Australia, Georgiadis shares hard-hitting truths about waste in Australia with viewers of Gardening Australia and at events across the country.

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