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India to end import of scrap plastic

A year after the introduction of China’s National Sword Policy, the Indian government have announced that it will ban the import of scrap plastic into the country, which industry believes will threaten to further disrupt the global recycling industry.

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WMRR calls on NSW government to commit to election priorities

At today’s Local Government NSW’s (LGNSW) Save Our Recycling Election Summit, Gayle Sloan, Waste Management and Resource Recovery (WMRR) Association CEO, reiterated the importance of building a strong, sustainable and resilient NSW waste and resource recovery sector in order to future-proof the state’s economy, protect communities and the environment, while also creating jobs for NSW.

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Upcycling to fibre-reinforced plastic

A new recycling process to transform polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic into a more valuable material with better properties has been developed by US researchers, who aim for the new technique to help with the serious and urgent problem of ever-increasing amounts of plastic waste in our oceans and the environment.

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