Miri Schroeter

Albury council’s decade-long waste program close to goal of halving waste to landfill

In 2009, the Albury Waste Management Centre (AWMC) was bearing 100 per cent of the region’s local waste. Having the fourth largest landfill in NSW, the Albury City Council set out to change the way this waste was being processed, so it established a goal to halve the amount of waste going into the AWMC by 2020.
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Ewaste Watch co-founder says mainstreaming reuse and repair is the way to go

John Gertsakis, the co-founder of Ewaste Watch, discusses the benefits of mainstreaming reuse and repair. 

The transition to a circular economy is underway across industries, sectors and communities. Noteworthy practical measures are in play as are policy development processes across all levels of government.

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