Miri Schroeter

Europe improves CE practices, but too many materials still slip through the cracks

While Europe has a clear focus to create a circular economy, the speed in which raw materials are turned into waste is cause for concern, European Commission policy officer, Rozalina Petrova, explained. She spoke about Europe’s take on waste management and circular economy at the Waste 2019 conference at Coffs Harbour.

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Global approach could fight “startling” amount of plastic waste in ocean

There is an estimated 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris floating in the ocean, or sitting kilometres out of sight on the bottom of the seabed. Plastic Oceans Australasia acting executive director, Ricki Hersburgh, highlighted these “startling” figures in her presentation, Ocean Plastics – A Real Waste Management Issue, at the Waste 2019 conference.

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