Tyre recycling poised for a dynamic year

2021 is set to be a dynamic year for the Australian used tyre recycling sector with export bans implemented and increased domestic demand for used tyre products, coupled with uncertainty for traditionally safe overseas markets. The planned Federal Government ban on the export of whole baled tyres will take effect in December 2021. This long …

Dorney disagrees with VicRecycle over NSW CDS

TOMRA Cleanaway has released a statement spruiking the benefits of the NSW container deposit scheme (CDS). This comes on the back of a recent article in Inside Waste where VicRecycle director Jeff Mcguire criticised the Victorian government for stating that its preferred model is the one currently used in NSW.
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Inquiry looks at the ‘right to repair’

The Australian Productivity Commission has been asked to look at the issue of consumers’ ability to repair faulty goods and to access repair services at a competitive price. The inquiry will specifically investigate the barriers and enablers of competition in repair markets and the costs and benefits of a regulated ‘right to repair’, including facilitating …

Turning wastewater into natural gas

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) will inject $5.9 million in funding to Jemena to trial injecting biomethane into the natural gas network in New South Wales. The demonstration project is the first of its kind in Australia.
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How global warming is boosting WTE market

The global waste-to-energy (WTE) market is expected to witness expansion as a result of the rapid depletion of conventional energy sources which contribute to harmful emissions. In terms of value, the waste-to-energy market stood at A$32,514.09m in 2019 and is expected to reach A$47,031.56m by 2025.

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Plastic problem is not business as usual

On December 8, 2020, the Recycling and Waste Reduction Bill was passed in the Senate without amendment. Despite a senate inquiry into the Bill and attempts by the Greens and Labor, the amendments to the Bill that would address plastic pollution and support the recycling sector did not pass. This has resulted in concern within …