Variety makes environmental consultancy career worthwhile

After studying for a master’s degree in chemical engineering, Kuo Tian decided that working in regional Australia in a refinery or mining site wasn’t going to be long-term career option. Plus, he had fallen in love with Melbourne so decided to make the Victorian capital his home, which meant a career in environmental consultancy beckoned.
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EPA gets new powers

On 1 July the Victorian Environment Protection Authority (EPA) will introduce significant amendments to the Act to minimise harm to the environment and Victorian health. Read more

Improvements needed for solid waste

Earlier this month, the NSW WCRA held its annual update and dinner at Kirribilli, with a range of speakers and topics covered. This included Nestlé’s Margaret Stewart talking about the future of soft plastics, NSW’s EPA CEO Tracy Mackey covering off on the latest regulatory and waste management issues, the NSW WRCA’s Tony Khoury talked about the importance of laws and regulations, while others talked of the improvements needed in certain sectors.
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When regulators come knocking

Waste is a highly regulated industry, given it has the potential for significant impacts to human health and the environment if not managed carefully. For this reason, many in the industry will, from time to time, receive an unwelcome visit, call, request, or notice from regulators. These are most commonly WH&S regulators, or environmental regulators …