A new era of sustainability in the roads sector

Five years ago, a quiet revolution began – first in a Queensland laboratory, then in a field trial on roads across the state’s vast south western region. The landmark research project’s aims were simple enough: to develop new specifications for spray seals and open-grade asphalt, then plan and conduct crumb rubber demonstrations, monitoring air emissions …

Victoria’s CDS – who’s right and who’s wrong?

Victoria’s governmental announcement on April 14 that it had made a decision on its Container Deposit Scheme (CDS), which will follow the NSW split responsibility model where there will be network operators and a coordinator. The Victorian government took its time to develop what it considers to be the best option, with more than 3,000 …

How waste operations in areas with Environmental Justice laws are staying ahead of community impact

Passing of Environmental Justice (EJ) laws in the United States such as New Jersey’s recent Bill S232 brings increased oversight on existing industrial facilities in locations identified as “overburdened communities”. It’s expected that similar laws may appear in other countries in the near future, including Australia.

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Variety makes environmental consultancy career worthwhile

After studying for a master’s degree in chemical engineering, Kuo Tian decided that working in regional Australia in a refinery or mining site wasn’t going to be long-term career option. Plus, he had fallen in love with Melbourne so decided to make the Victorian capital his home, which meant a career in environmental consultancy beckoned.
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EPA gets new powers

On 1 July the Victorian Environment Protection Authority (EPA) will introduce significant amendments to the Act to minimise harm to the environment and Victorian health. Read more