Reusing precast concrete in new buildings

Concrete is widely used as a construction material, but it has a substantial environmental impact. When a building is demolished, what happens to all the concrete? Tampere University, Finland, is coordinating the new international ReCreate project, which aims to discover how used concrete elements can be deconstructed without damaging them and reused in new buildings – and to turn the process into a profitable business. The four-year project has received €12.5 million of funding under the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme.
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Cleanaway welcomes high court decision

Cleanaway Waste Management has welcomed the decision of the High Court of Australia to dismiss the special leave application that sought to challenge the legal validity of the works approval to extend  Cleanaway’s Melbourne Regional Landfill in Ravenhall, Victoria (MRL).

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Leveraging the cloud for better design of wastewater treatment plants

For many years, the availability of integrated design and process simulation packages has not serviced industrial, reuse and drinking water plant designs as well as it has for biological treatment plants. Engineers and designers in many cases still rely on manual, repetitive spreadsheet-based processes. Design packages, when available are based on mathematical simulation products that have been repurposed from other industries and difficult to learn and based on desktop pcs that are limited in terms of processing power, data storage and tools for collaboration. Emerging technologies for industrial water treatment and drinking water are often not covered at all.

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