claire moffat

Bucher Municipal expands and develops

Bucher Municipal opened its new Marsden Park facility in Sydney in April 2020. This 19,000m2 purpose-built facility is an expansion of its local and well recognised manufacturing capabilities.
This state-of-the-art paint facility will also accommodate refuse, vacuum and sweepers vehicles. 2,400m2 of Bucher Municipal’s new facility, will allocate fast parts supply and a guaranteed 24-hour emergency support 365 days a year. Along with this new operational facility, Bucher Municipal also has 19 service vehicles on its portfolio and 80 dedicated industry specialist on site to provide the best class in service and support for its customers.
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Electric sweeper makes a difference

The CityCat V20e is a second generation, electric powered sweeper with a difference. The custom-designed 63 kWh battery pack has the capacity to last a full 8 hour shift. Powerful, yet respectful to its surroundings, the CItyCat V20e can also be used around the clock due to its impressive low noise emissions. This is proven technology with minimal harm to the environment.
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National Hydrogen Roadmap: pathways to an economically sustainable hydrogen industry in Australia

Australia has yet to create its own solar or storage industry, relying instead on global solutions. There also remain serious sustainability challenges to broad adoption of lithium batteries. However, hydrogen offers a new, sustainable energy storage and transport future. Download your details below to receive this important Whitepaper. Read more