This interactive map shows the location and material focus of council waste and resource recovery centres across Australia.

Broken down into process categories – Waste Transfer Station, Material Recovery Facility, Organics Facility, Resource Recovery Centre, Drop Off Facility and Landfill – Inside Waste developed the map to provide readers with access to the country’s broad facility network.

In 2019, Prime Creative Media conducted a survey of Australian councils to understand waste and resource recovery performance, as well as gain insights into their sentiments on the future of their practices.

Survey respondents represented 20 per cent of total Australian councils, with the data used to inform Chapter Three of the 2020 Inside Waste Report, the Role of Local Government.

Questions largely mirrored those from the previous two Inside Waste Reports, allowing the analysis of trends over time.

For the first time, the survey also collected the locations of council waste and resource recovery centres, allowing us to map out Australia’s facility network.

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