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Envirostream and Battery World partner to keep batteries from landfill

More than 160 tonnes worth of batteries will be saved from landfill following a landmark partnership between Battery World and Envirostream.

The number of batteries saved from the new deal would equate to more than 6.5 million AA-size batteries, which, if laid out back-to-back would stretch for 325 kilometres. Every year, over 18,000 tonnes of household batteries go into landfill, yet 90 percent of a battery’s make-up is recyclable.

The partnership allows consumers to dispose of batteries safely and confidently at participating Battery World stores across the country.

Battery World General Manager, Johnny Kennedy, says recycling is a key pillar in the company’s ethos.

“As a locally owned and operated company, Envirostream aligned perfectly to our commitment of doing our part to help our planet and mission to support local,” said Kennedy. “The application of batteries is growing in every aspect of life, and we’re only expecting this surge to increase over the next 12 months, particularly lithium batteries which pose a higher risk if not recycled correctly. As the only Australian company licensed to deal with lithium, our partnership with Envirostream will provide an easy solution for our customer’s end-of-life batteries while preparing for the growth of lithium batteries in market.”

In March 2021, Battery World rolled out a trial across 10 of its South-East Queensland stores and the response has seen, on average, an impressive 60kg of batteries for recycling per store per month.

Proper recycling processes allows end-of-life batteries to be repurposed for applications including manufacturing of new batteries, fertiliser for agriculture, steel and copper, and road base.

Envirostream is the first onshore company to offer mixed battery recycling in Australia, and Max Lane, General Manager Commercial, said proper waste management was a simple way Aussies could help protect our environment.

“Every week we hear of homes and waste trucks across Australia experiencing fires due to unsafe disposal of batteries which have been thrown into curb side collection rubbish bins,” Lane said. “Our partnership will now provide consumers with accessible and safe collection of batteries which would otherwise be diverted into landfill and waste, thanks to Battery World’s national footprint.”

Envirostream is EPA licensed and a member of the Battery Stewardship Council so customers can feel confident knowing there is full transparency in the recycling process with regular audits and reporting.