TSA commends NZ’s tyre product stewardship scheme

Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) said it congratulates the Tyrewise Working Group, Auto Stewardship NZ and the New Zealand government for establishing the first nationwide regulated tyre product stewardship scheme, with mandatory industry participation.

“It’s a bold step to stamp out rogue operators and create a level playing field for proactive, industry-led waste recovery,” says TSA chief executive officer Lina Goodman.

“It will deliver the type of meaningful impact that product stewardship schemes were designed to do.

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“Our voluntary schemes in Australia can only do so much. Without regulated, mandatory participation, free riders enjoy the benefits of a scheme without contributing and rogue operators disrupt waste recovery efforts, and take money from retailers and consumers for ‘the privilege’.

“I urge the Australian government to look closely at this new model in New Zealand, and work with us to take our scheme and the tyre recovery circular economy to the next level in Australia.

“Tyrewise and TSA share stakeholders and the differences for industry will come into sharp focus when the NZ scheme starts in 2023.

“This is great news for the Australia and New Zealand region and tyre recovery circular economies around the world.”