Waste disposal infrastructure lacking in NSW

At present, waste disposal infrastructure is significantly lacking in the Sydney area, according to Tony Khoury of the Waste Contractors and Recycling Assocation of NSW.

This is an issue that was both exacerbated and brought to the fore during the recent unprecedented rain events in early 2022. Despite the easing of weather conditions, waste transfer stations and landfills across Sydney continue to experience operational problems and regular closures.

Khoury said that these closures have resulted in many of the association members having great difficulty in tipping off their loads.

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“It is evident to all stakeholders, including government, regulators and the waste sector, that NSW has limited disposal options for Sydney’s waste, and we are lacking an infrastructure network to safely address our essential waste management disposal needs,” he said. “In light of these ongoing challenges, WCRA strongly urges the NSW Government to call an urgent summit to define these problems and to seek solutions for a way forward.”

In some cases, Khoury said rubbish trucks have turned up at the gate but have been turned away due to lack of room caused by a backlog of waste that hasn’t had time to be processed.