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BINGO continues remediation for issues at Eastern Creek

BINGO has continued to undertake remedial and preventative measure to address any potential odour from its landfill facility at Eastern Creek in Sydney.

Over the past week BINGO has:

  • connected five additional gas collection wells in the south-east area of the landfill to improve capture capacity; and
  • repaired damage to Flare 2 sustained during the heavy rains of March and April. All six flares within the landfill are now fully-operational.

BINGO has informed the community that works to increase the height of the leachate riser have been postponed for approximately two months when weather conditions are expected to be more favourable. It will provide the community with notice and details of the leachate riser works in advanced of commencing activities.

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The Eastern Creek issue has been ongoing for the past 12 months after the NSW Environment Protection Agency (EPA) advised BINGO that two potential sources of odour were identified in the landfill – the leachate riser and vent pipe. The high levels of leachate impacting the leachate riser was the result of a one in a 100-year rain event in March where significant volumes of water entered the landfill, increasing the potential for the production of odour. The landfill accepts inert, non-putrescible waste typically derived from construction and demolition and commercial and industrial sources and does not accept putrescible waste (such as waste in domestic red bins and food waste). Odour is therefore not a typical issue at the facility, as it may otherwise be for other surrounding facilities.