REMONDIS’ Awaba composting facility gets $2M

REMONDIS’ Lake Macquarie Organics Resource Recovery Facility (ORRF) at Awaba has received additional funding from the Federal and NSW governments.

The Federal Government awarded a $1 million expansion grant through its Food Waste for Healthy Soils Fund, which has been matched by the New South Wales Environmental Trust.

The ORRF accepts green waste and organic materials from NSW’s Hunter Region, which is then converted into compost. The local Lake Macquarie City Council engages REMONDIS to perform waste management and recycling services.

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The funding will support expansion work that will lift processing capacity by 16,000 tonnes to 60,000 tonnes and assure operations for another twenty years. This will include the addition of further composting tunnels enabling more processing capacity, increased retention time and improved compost quality.


Lake Macquarie ORRF facility manager Gunther Neumann said the funding was a turning point for the facility.

“Community demand for organics recycling via Lake Macquarie City Council’s green bins has exceeded expectations, and this support enables us to match growing demand,” he said.

Lake Macquarie City Mayor, Kay Fraser, said the grants were a win for the community.

“The Organics Resource Recovery Facility at Awaba keeps waste out of the ground, which is not only better for the environment but reduces pressure on our limited capacity for landfill and is a more cost-effective outcome for our ratepayers,” Fraser said.