Product Profile

Shredding? Think Diamond Z

The Diamond Z is a high-speed grinder that processes green and timber waste, reducing the particle size of material.

Diamond Z offers a range of tub, horizontal, and solid waste grinder models designed to suit any application from composting to construction and demolition, land clearing to tyre disposal, municipal solid waste to asphalt shingle grinding.

The unit comes standard with a fluid coupling drive system, eliminating friction elements prone to wear, tear and failure.

In addition, the coupling unit eliminates any shock that may be caused to the engine in the event of contaminants entering the grinding chamber, the coupler is electronically monitored for more interface management.

The Diamond Z range feature the ‘down cut’ combined with the heavy-duty pin and plate style hammer mill designed to reduce down time.

All cutting and wear edges are bolt on replaceable.

The breakaway mill bearing mount features an impact reduction system to allow for the processing of contaminated waste

Diamond Z set the bench mark when it comes to high-speed designs, including the patented hydraulic rod puller and break away mill bearing mounts.

The Diamond Z 3000 unit is designed for the Australian market, has a smaller frame for easier freight, as well as 800 horse power engine.

The DZH3000 is ready to make an impact in the industrial grinding segment. The smaller, lighter, more cost-efficient model is infused with all of Diamond Z’s proven performance. It has 580 horsepower and comes in at 28 tonnes. iw