More to a truck than sticker price

Isuzu’s recently compiled Future of Trucking Report (FoT) surveyed over 1,000 truck owners and fleets across Australia. It revealed that highest on the list of priorities for Australian fleet owners was the issue of profitability.

An increasingly competitive market environment in combination with the global pandemic and escalating operational costs, is working to drive down margins.

In for life
In tackling the issue of profitability, fleets are increasingly looking at the ‘lifetime’ costs of capital equipment, alongside many other operating costs.    

Isuzu’s FoT report found that 64 per cent of businesses believe the total lifetime cost of ownership was far more important than the sticker price.

In the less populated states, this figure was higher, such as in Western Australia (71 per cent) and the Northern Territory, where 79 per cent of truck businesses held this view.

A key aspect of the lifetime cost of a piece of capital equipment is its warranty, and despite appearances, not all warranties are created equal.

Isuzu Australia national service manager, Brett Stewart, said warranty was an area often overlooked at the time of sale, and mis-managed, can carry huge implications for owners and have a long-term effect on the overall operations of a company that relies on trucks in their day-to-day working environment.

“Some warranty products may match the manufactures’ warranty provisions, although the product itself may be handled by a third party outside of the OEM, especially in regard to extended warranties,” he said.

“You need to ensure that your warranty (factory or extended) is ‘like for like’ with your expectations. They are sometimes hard to identify, but there can be tricks and traps. A common complaint is that there are sometimes limits applied dependent on the cost of the repairs over a given time frame.

“Another hurdle customers face with their warranty is rejected claims. This often occurs when a claim is adjudicated by parties outside of the OEM, where substandard product understanding can lead to frustrations and challenges.”

Best in field
With this in mind, and following the recent release of the N Series, Isuzu trucks has delivered a robust factory warranty offering that includes:

• All N Series 4×2 cab chassis trucks are now backed by a factory warranty of six years (or 250,000 kilometres) and six years of Isuzu’s 24-hour roadside assist.

• Regarding Isuzu’s pre-built Ready-to-Work range, all 4×2 models also come covered with a six-year (or 250,000 km) factory warranty for the cab-chassis, six years roadside assist and a comprehensive three-year warranty on pre-built bodies.

“What we’re signalling with this offering is the confidence we have in the N Series product.