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Waste and resource recovery open house event

2022 budget

The next 12 months will feature a number of key programs, reviews and initiatives that will impact the waste and resource recovery landscape in Queensland. To support its members and provide stakeholders with an opportunity to engage in two way conversations with the Department and other stakeholders the  WRIQ has coordinated three online sessions for its members, the first of which is:

  • Session 1 (Wed 2 Feb) – SEQ Focus

This session will provide participants information on current Queensland Government engagements, programs and initiatives that relate to the waste and resource recovery sector in Queensland. WRIQ members are welcome to attend the WRIQ office (numbers limited) if they would prefer or are unable to access Teams for these sessions.

Topics to be covered: COVID19 update, levy changes and related exemptions, regional plans, E-products, COMSEQ plan, updates on product stewardship programs (including E-Products), EPA consultation update, Plastics and organics updates, waste data updates and more.

The format of these sessions will be short presentations from State Government and other stakeholders and will include QnA and notes taken by WRIQ shared with Stakeholders post event.

This is a free event for WRIQ members and $30 for non-members to be paid the week prior to this session.

Time Topic Who Comments Speaker Email
10 Minutes COVID19 Updates WRIQ IR and additional focus TBC
20 Minutes EPA Consultation DES Update on the EPA consultation and how things are looking CONNOR Andrew
2 Minutes Pros and Cons about standalone EPA presented TBC Handout TBC
45 Minutes COMSEQ Plan TBC/DES Outline and drivers for the plan DES Representative
Regional Plans DES Outline of the drivers and intent for regional plan development DES Representative
Pros and Cons on Regional Plan development / Learnings from other States MRA Consulting

+ NSW and Vic Industry / LG Reps

Facilitated discussion on the merits, concerns and opportunities of regional plan development Mike Ritchie




10 Minute Break
30 Minutes Levy Changes and related exemptions DES
15 Minutes Waste Data Update DES Follow-up from presentations given to WRIQ members in September
30 Minutes Organics Update (including composting guidelines and organic strategy update) DES HUGHES Kylie



10 Minutes Additional Questions / Concerns / Items
10 Minute Break
40 Minutes Product Stewardship Updates including E-Products Policy Various

John Gertsakis

Rose Read