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Applicants sought run Victoria’s CDS

The Victorian state Government is looking for applicants to run its container deposit scheme, with expressions of interest (EOI) from qualified organisations to run the scheme now open.  

The scheme coordinator will manage the administration and finance and the network operators will run the collection and refund points.

Victoria’s CDS will have a minimum of one collection point per 14,500 people in metropolitan areas, at least one per town of 750 people in regional areas and at least one per town of 350 people in remote areas.

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The EOI is open to any metropolitan or regional business or joint venture, including social enterprises, not-for-profits and charities who can demonstrate they can deliver a world-class CDS that meets the high expectations.

Applicants will need to describe how they will deliver a reliable and accessible CDS, integrate diverse approaches and technologies, and support participation by community organisations and charities.

Successful applicants in the EOI will progress to a formal tender process, where they will provide detailed solutions including pricing to deliver a high performing CDS.

The CDS will be run by a scheme coordinator and network operators. Like all Australian CDS, beverage suppliers will fund the scheme.

The coordinator will:

  • manage the finances and commercial viability of the CDS
  • conduct audits of the scheme to prevent fraud
  • pay refund amounts and collection network costs to the network operators
  • report against performance targets set by the government.

The network operators will:

  • establish and maintain a network of refund points
  • distribute refund amounts to consumers
  • distribute payments to refund collection point operators
  • report on CDS participation and redemption rates.

The Victorian Government will use a competitive tender process to appoint the coordinator and operators.