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Aeroqual signs MOU with Envirosuite

Envirosuite has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with air-quality monitoring technology specialist Aeroqual to look at joint market opportunities technologies in the waste, wastewater, mining and industrial sectors.

Aeroqual has a suite of air quality monitoring products that use smart sensing technology and software algorithms.

Envirosuite uses similar technology to produce predictable and actionable insights to make decisions about environmental impact.

Envirosuite chief executive officer Jason Cooper said the partnership was transformative for both companies.

“The Envirosuite team is excited to expand our opportunity potential with Aeroqual, a leader in air quality stations, monitors and technology, to complement our EVS Omnis platform, provide expertise and combined solutions for advanced air quality management and intelligence within our respective high-growth industries,” Cooper said.

“We believe this partnership has the potential to help industries to transform their environmental management practices and accelerate growth within Mining, Waste, Wastewater and Industrial facilities.”

Aeroqual chief executive officer Mark Templeton added that both companies would take advantage of their respective global customer bases for best effect.

“Aeroqual’s air quality monitoring system, combining smart instrumentation, cloud software, and unique virtual calibration technology (MOMA), is trusted by customers all over the world and will add significant value to Envirosuite’s environmental software platform, allowing us to solve even more complex air quality challenges for more customers across multiple industrial sectors,” he said.