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Macpresse MAC/2 baler series

Following the launch of its MAC/1 baling press machines series in 2001, Macpresse launched its new MAC/2 multi-material baler series in 2016.

The MAC/2 supersedes the previous MAC/1 baler’s performance with better efficiency, as well as improved volume reduction to optimise waste transport and management costs. The new series is designed for recycling, biomass and refuse derived fuels industries.

Jakob Becker, is a German company the specialises in the secondary raw materials treatment, and at the time had been a Macpresse customer for four years. A pioneer in waste treatment that, with more than 100 years of business experience, ranks as one of the first German companies of the sector in terms of turnover.

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In 2012, Jakob Becker discovered Macpresse and has been using the equipment since that time. First, it purchased a MAC 111/1 baling press machine, then a MAC 107/1 and after that a MAC 110/1. In 2016, Jakob Becker, chose a baling press machine from the latest MAC/2 series

“MAC baling press machines have a simple design, they are strong, easy to manage and reliable,” said Thomas Becker, owner and CEO of Jakob Becker. “Over four years of business experience, management costs have always been low, and machines have never stopped working. When Macpresse presented its new /2 series, we had no doubts and chose a MAC 110/2 with a conveyor belt for our most important plant.”

Jakob Becker’s faith is repaid by a top-quality machine, designed to meet the requirements of a developing market.

“You just need to replace the blades to bale different materials with the same machine: plastic, paper, biomass and refuse derived fuel (RDF),” said Becker.

“This allows us to optimise bale processing and makes the new baling press machines ideal to treat different types of waste.”

MAC/2 balers have large load dimensions to assist entry of very voluminous materials.

Another feature is the XL channel:  longer extrusion channel (+1.5 m) for better bale density.

Macpresse has always designed solutions able to reduce management, energy and transport costs.

The new series was designed to further enhance these feature with:

• Volume optimisation due to bale format – the bale format obtained with the MAC/2 baling press machines makes the best use of space in the ordinary means of transport, such as trucks, thus reducing transport and storage costs.

• Easy maintenance – the baling press machines of the new series are safer and easier to clean for operators.

• More efficient tying system – the MAC/2 baling press machine is equipped with a new and high-efficiency electromechanical tying system that allows to reach +50% tying speed (cycle) and to tie bales both with plastic and iron wire.

• Reduced energy costs – the cutting system has been redesigned for better bale integrity and lower energy consumption. Also, the hydraulic system has been renewed and is equipped with a high-efficiency IE3 motor allowing
a 30 per cent increase in energy savings as compared to traditional motors

• Reduced labour costs – the new baling press machine presents higher levels of automation than the previous series, therefore requiring fewer operators to manage and service the baler

“MAC/2 is the result of 15 years of dialogue, research and collaboration among Macpresse, its customers and international agents,” said Giuliano Scotuzzi, Macpresse export sales manager,

“Our work was aimed at a steady improvement in order to meet the needs of a dramatically changing market.

“The result is a series with even more performance than the previous version and 10 per cent stronger.”

The MAC/2 series comes in three models specifically conceived to meet the constantly changing waste treatment market demands.

Furthermore, MAC 107/2 is designed for companies pursuing medium production while simultaneously striving for high production standards at a low cost.

The new series is suitable for recycling, biomass and refuse-derived fuels industries because, using the same baling press, you can bale everything