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The Daily Grind with Davis Earthmoving

Every year Australia is generating more waste. The country’s need for waste solutions is urgent. Up for the challenge is recycling contractor Davis Earthmoving & Quarrying Pty Ltd, offering mobile waste processing for various waste streams. Davis specialises in mobile recycling across New South Wales. The company uses high-powered equipment including mobile horizontal grinders and shredders to efficiently recycle wood, timber and green waste for beneficial re-use as mulch, soil conditioners and compost in landscaping and gardens across the state.

Established in 1975, Davis Earthmoving remains Australian family owned and operated. In a market dominated by large multinational waste companies this is a local business that has been a trusted and reputable contractor for decades. Over the years, Davis has observed the wood waste and timber grinding industry become more sophisticated.

CEO Eric Davis explains, “Today, as recycling markets have evolved, grinders have had to adapt significantly”. The company has invested in reputable equipment and modern technologies to keep up with the demands of the industry. For large-scale wood waste recycling and composting operations, the company’s high-speed horizontal grinders remain valuable workhorses. Models include Diamond Z and Peterson up to 1050 horse-power delivering high volume output. Horizontal grinders offer superior particle size control and enhanced efficiency. The long in-feed opening reduces the need to shorten material before grinding, which is helpful for land-clearing operations.

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Davis is a professional contractor providing mobile waste processing to councils, recycling facilities, private clients and land clearing operations throughout NSW. Davis are able to customise their grinders to deliver specific end-product size. Davis has over 100 pieces of equipment available in its privately owned fleet for wet hire or contract. All of the company’s equipment has been hand chosen based on its ability to deliver high production rate and a premium quality product. Davis has built up knowledge and experience after working on thousands of diverse projects over the years in the recycling sector, “Our company brings a strong skill-base in all operational aspects of our horizontal grinding and mobile recycling processes to get the job done efficiently for our clients,” Eric Davis explains. The aim is to recover waste for repurpose in order to protect earth’s valuable resources, “for us, the end is just the beginning. We are committed to waste recycling. And we hope our work can improve sustainability rates, and help close the loop on the wood and green waste stream”.