Endeavour Foundation’s green venture launched in Brisbane

Thousands of kilograms of waste plastic will be diverted from landfill while delivering long-term job opportunities for people living with disability in a partnership between Endeavour Foundation and earth-moving equipment manufacturer Komatsu Australia.

Starting this month, Endeavour Foundation’s social enterprise located in Brisbane suburb Geebung, will work with Komatsu to put more than 145,000 oil testing kits on Australia’s east coast back into production, annually.

“These kits are integral in our ability to rigorously monitor and maintain the safe operation of major earth moving equipment,” said Komatsu’s Kris Burford. “Our…engineers use these kits to safely extract traces of oil from equipment and test for abnormal wear and contaminants to ensure machine productivity is maximised.

“The oil testing kits are our biggest plastic waste generating item with almost 220,000 being produced each year and weighing an estimated 10,000kg which goes to landfill.”

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Endeavour Foundation employees will clean tens of thousands of the yellow plastic cannisters containing the oil testing kits and re-pack them, putting them back into circulation across the eastern seaboard.

The associated CO2 emissions (1,980 tonnes annually) from transporting the testing kits from the west to the east coast of Australia would also be offset and was equivalent to powering 228 homes each year.

“2020 was a very difficult year for everyone and these kinds of commitments give us all a sense of rigour when we see the immediate effect that positive work can have on our communities,” said Endeavour Foundation CEO Andrew Donne.

“Through supported employment people gain greater confidence, self-esteem, engagement and wellbeing. Working is also a motivation to gain and maintain independent living skills like self-care, using public transport, working with others and time management.